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Your Stirling: You Decide is Stirling’s version of participatory budgeting, an initiative that gives local people a direct say in how a portion of our budget is spent.

Your Stirling: You Decide is the Council’s first cycle of this new form of democracy, and it allows our citizens to say what is important to them and decide on how a set amount of our budget is spent.

Between March 2019 and June 2019, citizens across Stirling’s seven electoral wards had the chance to influence how to spend £700,000 of public money (£100,000 in each of the seven ward areas). This year the money could be used for infrastructure and the environment. This included for example - roads, pavements, parks playgrounds or public spaces. For more details see our Idea criteria.

How it works

There were three simple stages-

Your Stirling: You Decide Process Map

Stage 1: Your ideas

This stage is now complete. Anyone who lives or works in the area, including community organisations, were able to give us ideas.

Budget Delegates

Ideas were turned into proposals by a Project Team which included Budget Delegates. Budget Delegates are members of the public, of high school age and above, who live in the area and came forward to represent the public on the Project Team.

Stage 2: Vote on the proposals

This stage is now complete. Citizens, of high school age and above, were able to consider the proposals for their electoral ward and vote. The Voting Stage started on Monday 27th May and finished on Sunday 23rd June. More on the Voting process.

Stage 3: Proposals with the most votes taken forward

Voting is now overAll votes were counted and verified and details were published on Friday 28 June 2019. Council services will take forward the proposals with the most votes and turn them into reality.

More information

 If you need more information or any information in another format, please call 0845 404040 or email.

YSYD Final Infographic on Biteable.

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