Stirling Council faces a highly challenging environment, as do many other local authorities. However, Stirling Council is in a healthier position, thanks to the control of our finances through a process called Priority Based Budgeting (PBB). Since 2013 we have used this framework to help us align our resources with our priorities and balance our books. 

By using this framework, we have been able to reduce our spending and generate increased or additional income over the first four years. We have achieved this by transforming our delivery of services, being more efficient, reducing or stopping services, and introducing or increasing fees for others.

We have had to make lots of hard choices. Stirling Council’s budget for 2017/18 is over £264 million, £30 million less than it was five years ago, and we rely on the Scottish Government block grant for 80% of our income. With austerity continuing, we still have more difficult decisions to make. Between 2018/19 and 2022/23, Stirling Council has a projected budget gap of £17.3 million.

Stirling Council officers develop detailed PBB options to bridge the budget gap. In PBB5, 42 options which were projected to deliver savings of over £4.6million between 2018/19 and 2022/23, were put forward for consideration.

The full list can be found in the PBB5 Interim Report.

Engaging with our communities is an essential part of PBB.

The Communication and Engagement for PBB5 involved employees, communities, young people and organisations. It was supported by further digital engagement, through an online survey and questions, comments, and suggestions section via the shaping Stirling email address.

All of the feedback was collated and presented to elected members to inform their deliberations and directly shape Stirling Council's decision making on the budget.

PPB5 Communication and Engagement Report

Feedback - Young People
Feedback - Community Conversations
Feedback - Community Councils
Feedback - Digital Survey
Feedback -Shaping Stirling Emails

Clackmannanshire & Stirling Health and Social Care Partnership

Budget Consultation 2018/19 and beyond

Have Your Say…

The Integration Joint Board is responsible for the strategic planning of Adult health and social care services within Clackmannanshire and Stirling. Services are delivered through the Health and Social Partnership. Most adult health and social care services now sit under the umbrella of the Board. These will include GP and other family health services, occupational therapists, mental health, and learning disability services.

We want you to Have Your Say about how we can provide services in the best way possible within the resources available to the Health and Social Partnership. This consultation is open from 30 January 2018 until 27 February 2018.

Further details on how you can participate in this consultation are available on the Health and Social Care Partnership website

You can find out more about PBB5, on social media, or via email:



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