Last updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4:11 PM

With Covid -19 guidance still in force Facilities Management continue to operate a reduced hot packed lunch menu to all Pupils.

All pack lunches to include 4 items:

1. Savoury hot or cold option /  2. Dessert item /  3. Larger 6oz fruit /salad pot / 4. Small carton of milk or water.

Week 2 Monday 14 June 2021

14 Jun Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Course
  • Beef burger roll Or Vegetarian Burger roll or Cheese or Ham Sandwich triangles
  • Fillet of Fish Burger roll Or Vegetarian Burger roll Or Cheese or Tuna Wrap
  • Cheese and Tomato Pizza Or Cheese or Chicken roll
  • Chicken Burger or Vegetarian Burger available Or Cheese or Egg Sandwich triangles
  • Homemade Sausage Roll Or Vegetarian Sausage Roll or Cheese or Tuna Wrap
  • Cookie and Fresh fruit Milk or Water
  • Jelly and Carrot sticks Milk or Water
  • Frozen Strawberry Yogurt and Tinned Fruit Milk or Water
  • Tinned Fruit and Yogurt Milk or Water
  • Sponge cake and Fresh Fruit Milk or Water
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