The 1982 Act allows for licensing places of public entertainment.  By resolution, Stirling Council has determined that a Public entertainment licence will be required for certain classes of functions at one of the following places:-



Hall (privately or publically owned) Disco
Dance halls Dance
Discotheques Concert
Proprietary clubs Rock Concert
Barns Roller disco
Marquees Videotheque
Bowling rinks Barn dance
Skating rinks Marquee dance
Billiard/snooker halls Sporting events in hall
Swimming pools Display
  Billiard/snooker game
  Fun fair

Exemptions from licensing

The following types of premises are specifically exempted from the provisions of the Act and will NOT therefore require a licence:-

  • athletic or sports grounds while being used as such;
  • a school or other educational establishment while being used as such;
  • churches or other premises belonging to a religious body while being used as such;
  •  theatres, cinemas and bingo halls;
  • premises having a permit under the lotteries and Amusements Act 1976;
  • public houses, hotels etc during the permitted hours;
  • places where amusements with prize machines are being used incidental to the main use of the premises.

You can view the full resolution for Public Entertainment Licences


If you wish to apply for a Public entertainment licence, or Temporary public entertainment licence please complete the relevant application form and return to us:

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