New Bin: You do not need to provide any additional information once the correct options have been selected.

Larger Grey Bin: These are available for households of 6 or more people and any requests for these will be checked against our records before being approved.

Request: You can request new bins, caddy liners, replacement bins, exchange of bin or repairs to a bin at your own address.

Bin replacements, exchanges and repair: Please include tell us why you need a replacement bin, or the part of your bin that needs repaired.  For example, its wheels or lid.

If you need to exchange your bin, please provide details about why you need this.  For example, your current bin is too small.

New, Missed or Replacement Bin

Providing your contact details is optional but we would be unable to contact you without them.
Request Details
Please provide as much detail as possible.

Last updated: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 2:49 PM