Fair Trade is an international movement for trading practices to guarantee a better deal for disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries.  This means entering into long-term trading relationships, agreeing on stable prices for producers, and support to gain skills for developing businesses.  

The Fair Trade price includes a premium which is set aside for social and environmental projects or to strengthen producer organisations.  This allows communities to invest in long-term improvements, such as building and operating schools.

Fairtrade (one word) is a trademark owned by a consortium of several labelling groups that have come together to promote Fairtrade and assure that standards for their products are met.  The Fairtrade logo assures that appropriate standards have been met in the production of many products and the consortium (Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International) authorises its use and controls its application. 

Fair Trade (two words) is a generic term that refers to support of fair, open, and honest trade for producers, with a focus on those seen as being short-changed in the realm of international trade.

Stirling Council first passed a motion in support of Fair Trade in March 2004 and this, combined with the work of the local Fair Trade Group, led to the award of Fairtrade City status.   This was updated on October 2012 with a new motion expanding support to assist the local Group to achieve Fairtrade Zone status for the whole Council area. All beverages available in the Councillors’ lounge and staff canteen are now Fair Trade.

Last updated: Thursday, October 14, 2021 2:58 PM