The following information relates to offenders over the age of 16.  For Youth offending, please see Youth offending - general information

We provide a Social Work service within HMP Cornton Vale as agreed in a Service Level Agreement between Stirling Council and the Scottish Prison Services.

Cornton Vale

HMP Cornton Vale is located within the Cornton area of Stirling. HMP Cornton Vale is the national prison for women in Scotland, and houses both remand and convicted prisoners from around Scotland.  Our team will liaise with community colleagues in other local authorities through-out the women's time in prison.

Social work at Cornton Vale

Our main role is to attempt to reduce re-offending by addressing the needs and risks of the women in Cornton Vale. This can be through establishing and addressing previous life events which have impacted on their behaviour and updating formal risk assessment tools to monitor progress in an attempt to reduce re-offending.

We offer a variety of services for offenders:


All women who are subject to post-release supervision, such as Supervised Release Orders, Parole licences or non Parole Licences will have an assigned Social Worker from initial sentence.

Non statutory

Responding to self-referrals from offenders or enquiries from external agencies for Social Work involvement/support. Usual involvement will be for planning for release and involves liaising with external partners to ensure suitable support/monitoring mechanisms are in place prior to release. A daily duty system is in place to address internal and external referrals.

Social work related child care or child protection issues

A wide range of issues regarding the care or protection of children of women in prison may be raised, either by the women themselves or external social work agencies. Our team works closely with other social work agencies to ensure the safety and protection of the child. We also provide assessments of the suitability of children residing with their mother within the mother and child unit at Cornton Vale.

Parole reports

The Prison based Social Workers will prepare a report for the Parole board for statutory prisoners. They will liaise closely with community-based Social workers and other prison-based services to provide a detailed report relating to a risk assessment which will determining suitability for release into the community.

Offending behaviour programmes

We work in partnership with prison programme staff to deliver a number of offending related behaviour programmes. This includes female offending programmes, substance-related offending programmes and Constructs.

Offences against Children

We liaise closely with community based services to ensure that relevant information is shared about women who have committed offences against children in order to protect both children in the community and those who may be visiting the prison.

Further information

For further information regarding Social Work services at Cornton Vale, contact us:

Tel: 01786 835359.


Throughcare is used to provide services to all prisoners both during and after their sentence.  The service provided depends on the length of the sentence and whether the Court has imposed compulsory

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