Please note: The following information relates to offenders over the age of 16.  For Youth offending, please see Youth offending - general information

Following a conviction, the Court may issue one of a number of sentences or orders which can also require supervision of the offender by a member of the Criminal Justice Social Work team.

Community Payback Orders

Community Payback orders can be imposed for a period between 6 months and 3 years.  The Court can impose one or more of the following:

Drug treatment and testing orders

Drug Treatment and Testing Orders can be offered as an alternative to a custodial sentence to adult offenders who have been identified as having a serious drug misuse problem and who may respond to treatment.


Throughcare is used to provide services to all prisoners both during and after their sentence.

Parole reports

Parole means that an offender may be released under specific conditions from prison to serve part of a sentence under supervision in the community.  An offender detained in prison or a young offenders' institution serving a sentence of 4 years or more would be entitled to be considered for Parole after serving half the sentence.

An offender can decline to be considered for Parole

If Parole is granted, a supervising social worker will explain the conditions that apply.  Consent will be required and a signed copy of the licence at the first appointment with the supervising officer.

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